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“Group marriage ceremony” promotes feminism and religious tolerance

April 12, 2009

On Saturday, a group of 20 couples in New Delhi participated in a “group marriage ceremony,” organized annually by the Guild For Service, a female empowerment organization. The ceremony is described as “inter-caste” and “inter-religion,” and it included the marriages of three Muslim couples and one re-marriage. According to Mohini Giri, chairperson of the Guild For Service, the organization is not interested in advocating the superiority of one religion over another. Giri states,

Love is the greatest religion. We don’t force or emphasize on a change of religion at all.

In addition to promoting religious acceptance, the ceremony also promotes feminist values. For starters, the Guild For Service discourages the practice of dowries, thus making marriage accessible for underprivledged and marginalized women. Additionally, counselors from the Family Planning Association of India meet with the couples prior to their marriages, to discuss responsible family planning and contraceptive use.

Considering the patriarchal and rigid religious connotations typically associated with marriage, this story gives me hope for the future of the institution, particularly as it relates to women and their independence. Perhaps other countries — the U.S. included — could learn a thing or two from the Guild For Service and its work.

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  1. April 12, 2009 11:13 pm

    How beautiful! I love the concept of love as the greatest religion.

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