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Alcohol or a Corporate Prostitute?

April 20, 2009

gab1The prostitution that was once confined exclusively to brothels has now permeated into every sphere of our life. The act; modern day prostitution is broadcasted at the workplace, educational institutes and every other place, where power imbalance has engendered social class distinctions within society. Do sex appeal and bottom power get the job done these days, brain cells notwithstanding?

The answer surrounds us like a haunting reality; a stigma that has been canvassed into a positive veil. It’s common observance to hear of young girls being trafficked from Eastern Europe and South Asian countries to work as sex slaves in brothels led by ravenous Madams. However, the spotlight in this article is on corporate prostitutes and scholarly pimps; prostitution where both genders are at play with equal will.

Sexual bargaining for material success has become a common means of achieving social promotion; at the workplace and in universities for academic advancement. Double Yoke; an African novel, depicts these sexual dynamics inside a Nigerian university. The story revolves around Nko, an undergraduate student who is caught between her desire for academic success to provide for her family and her love for her boyfriend, Ete Kamba. Eventually, she gives in to the deceitful professor. However, the story ends tragically, when Ete refuses to accept her and blames her for not being a virgin and the professor; Ikot abuses his authority to restrain her. This story is a reality for many; yet women continue to use bottom power over brain power to cash in short-lived success.

One might say; ‘who cares? It doesn’t affect me’, but it does affect every member of the society, gender notwithstanding. Women entangled within these sexual games often legitimize their acts as a means to achieving sexual liberation. Their attitudes have led to a breakdown and transformation of the social and moral norms of the society and paved the way towards corrupt administrations and flawed educational institutions.

A friend of mine; working in the corporate world, recently shared a very distressing experience with me. Unsatisfied with her current remuneration, she had been on her supervisor’s case for a while now, until he offered to help her out. His offer was simple, meet me in a hotel and you’ll be a senior day after; transaction finalized. Upon rejection of this deal, she was terminated on uncertain grounds and found out soon after that her supervisor had bedded her junior who recently replaced her. My friend didn’t give in, but there were more where she came from; women who voluntarily decide to become commodities, adding to the perks of those holding a higher social status.

For gender emancipation to happen; women should key into their real talents and abilities. Sleeping with a certain somebody will only make you a nobody.

Let us not wake up to witness the day when banks offer their clients a choice between alcohol and corporate prostitutes. Let us be the change!

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  1. Alcohol or a Corporate Prostitute?

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