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Anti-Choice Terrorism Hits the US

May 31, 2009

I woke up late this morning to find that terrorism had once again hit the US. I didn’t find out from the CNN broadcast that I watched while I waited for my first cup of coffee to take effect, however. Apparently deadly acts of violence intended to punish and intimidate those who dare act to support women’s rights to bodily autonomy and self-determination do not merit interrupting the inanities of Your Money.

This morning, Dr. George Tiller was shot while serving as an usher for a church service. Cara of Feministe writes

Dr. Tiller was one of the few late-term abortion providers in the country.  He had previously been shot, his clinic burnt down, harassed by ideological anti-abortion attorney generals, and threatened with death countless times . . . Still, Dr. Tiller continued to provide abortions to women who desperately needed them, to save their own lives or health, or due to tragic fetal deformities.  He put the health of women above his own life.

And now he is dead.

Columnist Mike Hendricks points out that it isn’t only the man who pulled the trigger who bears responsibility in this case:

As for the murderer’s accomplices, we know them already.

They include every one who has ever called Tiller’s late term abortion clinic a murder mill.

Who ever called Tiller “Tiller the Killer.”

The groups who spent decades fomenting hate toward a man who simply believed that he was serving a purpose by being one of the few doctors in the country performing late-term abortions.

Hate. Not heated opposition. Not strong disagreement.

But blind hatred.

The kind of hate that would prompt some maniac to take a  gun into a church and shoot a man to death in front of friends and family.

His accomplices know they have blood on their hands, which might explain why they were quick to issue statements today expressing disapproval of Tiller’s murder.

Among them, the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue.

Today women have lost a strong and brave ally. Today we mourn. Today our thoughts and sympathies must be with his family and friends whose pain is far greater than ours.

But mourning is not enough. If you have money, consider donating to a pro-choice organization in Dr. Tiller’s Honor. Speak up against hatred and anti-choice fanatics: write blog posts, talk to people in coffee shops, write letters to Congress. Sign up for Planned Parenthood action alerts. Look for local groups engaged in clinic defense. Whatever you do, do not let yourself be silenced.

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  1. brookelliottbuettner permalink
    June 1, 2009 10:10 am

    Thank you for this timely post. You’re absolutely right that this is nothing short of terrorism. I stand in mourning with Dr. Tiller’s family and colleagues, as well as for the women of this country.


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