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Axe Body Spray Ad Objectifies College Students

June 2, 2009

axe-giant-ad-female-dormCreated by a South Korean advertising agency, this ad for Axe Body Spray wraps a women’s dorm in a giant calender in order to suggest that a man who wears Axe can have every woman in the dorm, at least one per night.

Axe, of course, has a history of ads that demean women. The use of a college dorm specifically, however, encourages people to see female students not as scholars and learners but, primarily, as participants in male sexual gratification. This already-present attitude makes it more difficult for young women to find mentors in academia, to have their opinions respected in seminars, and indeed to take themselves seriously as thinkers. If this is how people are going to see you then why bother with all-nighters and reams of footnotes?

One thing I can’t say for certain is whether the calendar was placed on the dorm in real life or was photoshopped in. While it’s offensive either way, if the former is true, the impact on the women who live in that building will be substantially worse.


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  1. Thomas permalink
    June 5, 2009 3:42 pm

    Thank you for posting this. I worked as a Resident Assistant with groups of around 20 first year male students for two years, and I was constantly shocked by how attractice things like this were to them. In having conversations with them, I learned that a good number of them viewed their sex life in terms of commodities, equating how many partners they could have with other such competitions as how many beers they could drink or how many phone numbers they could coerce out of fellow partygoers.

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