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Congratulations to the Ocean Angels

July 7, 2009

The Ocean Angels in the AtlanticThe Ocean Angels, four British women, have achieved their goal of rowing across the Indian Ocean. They spent seventy-nine days straight at sea on their way to becoming the first all-female crew to row the 3720 miles from Australia to Mauritius.

The BBC reports:

Dubbed the toughest rowing race in the world, the Indian Ocean Race has proved a challenge for all four women.

Of the 10 boats that began the race, only five made it past halfway and before this year’s race only two men had ever completed it.

During the 79 days onboard their 29ft (8.8m) rowing boat, Pura Vida, the women rowed in pairs for two hours on, two hours off, meaning they have had no more than two hours sleep at a time.

Congratulations again to the crew of the Pura Vida: Fiona Waller, Elin Davies, Jo Jackson, and Elin Haf Davies. The dedication required for your achievement is an inspiration to us all, no matter our field of endeavor.

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  1. ktreu permalink
    July 8, 2009 5:21 am

    woah cool! I rowed in university and this is insane! How inspiring.

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