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Blowing the Whistle on Nicaragua

July 28, 2009

Amnesty International released an extensive report this week on the horrors of human rights abuses happening in Nicaragua.  These

Luchando por sus derechos

Luchando por sus derechos

abuses are on account of a law, almost unparalleled in its harshness, which outlaws and criminalizes abortion in every circumstance. 

“Nicaragua’s ban of therapeutic abortion is a disgrace.  It is a human rights scandal against women and girls.”

-Kate Gilmore, Executive Deputy Secretary General, Amnesty International

Those who provide abortions to women, even in cases where a woman’s life is at risk should the pregnancy continue, and even women who miscarry are subject to criminal charges and legal scrutiny.  They’re blowing the whistle on a country which is part f the 3% of countries in the world with such severe and cruel laws on abortion.  Others have spoken out about these abuses, and a documentary film underway, “A Quiet Inquisition” seeks to expose the devastating effects of such a law in Nicaragua and El Salvador.  The film is forthcoming, but check out a preview here

Amnesty is calling for the immediate repeal of the draconian law, a guarantee to safe abortion services for women who’ve been raped or whose lives are at risk, and the freedom of speech for those who dissent from these abuses in Nicaraguan society.

J.Mack is a global feminist residing in Nairobi, Kenya

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