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For the sake of your health…don’t skip happy hour

August 21, 2009

Happy Hour 3Long before the term “Happy Hour” was coined in the 1920’s by the United States Navy, workers would kickoff the weekend at the local watering hole. As we near the end of the week, many of us will continue the Friday ritual with our colleagues. Everyone has their own motives for going to happy hour; whether it be to blow off the week’s steam, brown-nose with the boss, or flirt with the co-worker you don’t have the courage to ask out on a date. However, this Friday women can add “osteoporosis prevention” to their list of motives. Based on a recent publication in the Journal of Nutrition by Spanish researchers, “women who drink moderate amounts of beer may be strengthening their bones.”

In order to obtain the bone strengthening benefits of happy hour, you’ll have to bypass the dirty martini or glass of wine and order BEER. Researchers believe the plant hormones (phytoestrogens) found in beer are to be credited for the bone strengthening effects—not the alcohol.

Health professionals are quick to point out that drinking your way to greater bone density is not recommended. When you leave the office for happy hour, remember that Bluto’s quote from the film Animal House: “grab a brew…don’t cost nothin’,” does not apply. Consumption of more than 7 units of alcohol in a week for women can cause future health problems.

For additional benefits of other alcoholic beverages check out Dr. Hanson’s website: .

Cheers to it being Friday!

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Yale Fillingham is currently pursuing his medical degree and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biophysical Chemistry from Dartmouth College (the real Animal House). You can contact him at

  1. August 21, 2009 9:08 pm

    Well, we’ve always known that Guinness is good for you. 😉


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