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“The Body Issue”

October 9, 2009
Mixed martial arts fighter, Gina Carano, in "The Body Issue."

Mixed martial arts fighter, Gina Carano, in "The Body Issue."

In its October issue which hit newsstands today, ESPN The Magazine released its first ever “Body Issue.” Featuring 30 elite athletes, ESPN The Magazine looks at the professional athlete’s body from all angles, including injury and rehabilitation, instead of having pages of athletes posing provocatively.

Besides articles on ACL surgery and the inspirational Sarah ReinerstenESPN The Magazine addresses the issue of female athletes as sex symbols. “For Sale by Owner” investigates the world of female athlete marketing and why female athletes get called out on being “too sexy” for campaigns but not their male counterparts. The article is fascinating but still sums up the following: SEX SELLS.

I am torn with the coverage. It’s not often that you see female athletes gracing the covers of high-profile sport magazines. I am thrilled to see female athletes posing in positions where their washboard abs, bulging thighs, and tight deltoids are the focal point. However, I am still somewhat disappointed that a female athlete can only make the cover of a magazine when she is wearing little clothing, regardless if the shoot is tasteful or not. Will sex ever NOT sell?

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