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Are you a F*&^#ist?

November 16, 2009

It’s such a dirty word. Feminist. It makes so many people cringe and roll their eyes. It takes courage to identify as one out loud. I actually find it more intimidating to identify as a feminist to other women. I often end up scratching my head at the animosity, though, because many people who would never use the F word agree with, what I consider, a feminist agenda. During a History of Rock & Roll class in college, our [male] professor asked us to raise our hands if we identified as feminists. Seeing only three of us with our hands raised, he asked, “What? The rest of you don’t believe men and women are equal?”

I often focus on international gender inequality and feminist identity, but the word itself, let alone the ideas it stands for, is still a hot button issue here in the US. It’s a seemingly endless debate, but luckily one of my favorite authors, Ariel Levy, has worded the meat of the discussion so eloquently in a recent article for the New Yorker. If you have not yet read Female Chauvinist Pigs, go pick it up immediately. Nothing is more fascinating to me than our female participation in and even encouragement of “Raunch Culture” as Levy calls it. The article is a great brush up on United States feminist history, and an interesting look at the co-opting of feminist principles by those who would never dare utter that nasty word.

As as side note to any of you writers out there, several years ago I actually plucked up the courage to email Ms. Levy, and she responded personally and warmly. In addition to suggesting I brush up on my grammar, she wrote that “[I]dealism can be very, very good for a writer, especially when tempered by experience—and there’s only one way to get that: keep on writing.”

So keep reading, writing, discussing, emailing, posting and expressing yourself!

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