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Global Feminist Link Love: February 22-28

March 1, 2010

Hey global feminists,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Below are some international feminist links that we think you should check out from the past week. If you want to get your daily dose of global feminist news, check out GAB’s new Tumblr website that keeps you updated around the clock with links to global feminist news! It’s located at Check it out!

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From the blogs

Graduate Degrees in Gender and Women’s Studies? The fact that you have to ask proves they are relevant. from the Feministing Community Blog

“You have been charged with representing your brotherhood to Dartmouth as racist and insensitive” from Happy Bodies and as an alternative to calling out racism and sexism: The other Daughters of Dartmouth from

Feminism Objectifies Women from FWD/Forward

The Feminist Implications of Male Reproductive Healt

The Feminist Implications of Male Reproductive Health from the Sexist

“Boss Ladies” to Star Fashion-Forward Trans Women from Bitch Blogs

Italian Vogue Embraces The Black, The Curvy from Jezebel

An Eggregious Set of Double Standards: Canadian Women’s Hockey Under IOC Investigation for Unruly Celebration from Women Undefined

“Intersectionality” is a Big Fancy Word for My Life from Leaving Evidence

Karyn Folan (of Don’t Bring Home a White Boy) Is On Washington Post’s Front Page! + Prosechild’s Review from Black Women Deserve Better

Benazir Bhutto: Uncensored and Unfettered from Women’s Media Center

Proudly African & Transgender: Portraits from Black Looks

Every now and then about same-sex marriage in Australia from The Radical Radish

The 2010 Olympics and Gender Roles: Highs and Lows from RH Reality Check

From the news

In Aceh Indonesia, Islamic police take to the streets from the Christian Science Monitor, about police patrolling for women wearing tight clothing

Iraq: Women Call for More Political Power from Utne Reader

Lingerie sales: it’s still a man’s world in Saudi Arabia from the National (UAE)

Gender, war and conflict transformation from

Documentaries about Women Domestic Workers Broadcast in 19 Countries of Latin America from UNIFEM

EAST AFRICA: Women Want Visibility in Regional Union from Terraviva Europe

Malawi Launches Gay Witchhunt from the Advocate

Dutch gay protest over communion from BBC News

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