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Celebrating Gender Across Borders’ one-year blogiversary

April 6, 2010

We at Gender Across Borders are celebrating our one-year blogiversary today! We launched exactly a year ago today, on April 6, 2009. Our very first post was, Why another feminist blog?, where we articulated our purpose for creating the blog: to engage the North American feminist blogging community in dialogue with feminists from around the globe, with an emphasis on the needs and interests of women outside of the U.S.

We started off with six editors back in April 2009, and now our editorial board consists of 10 editors. In September 2009, we created an internship program to create a space for feminist art by recruiting editors for theater/dance, music, and visual art, as well as a junior editor to learn more about editing for a group feminist blog.

And we can’t forget our staff of contributing writers, which continues to grow every day (and we’re always looking for fresh perspectives!)–they have helped bring different perspectives of international feminism to Gender Across Borders.

We also began to feature regular columns, including Global Feminist Profiles, Global Feminism in the News (which has now retired), the Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) Situation Report , and the Monthly Book Club. We also highlight the discussion going on in the posts in our Comments of the Month column. Additionally, we host series of posts on specific topics. Topics of series in the past have been on:  circumcision, art and war, and hip hop. We continue to hold a series every few months.

We created the first Blog for International Women’s Day [Blog for IWD] that took place on March 8, 2010, where bloggers from around the world blogged about their thoughts on equal rights. It was such a huge success, that we plan to hold another Blog for IWD for next year!

Finally, we’ve acquired wonderful readers and commenters like you. The first month of our blog, in April 2009, we received a total of 6,155 hits. This past March, we received a total of 33,177 hits. We have written 560 posts and all of you have made 1,560 comments in the last year. We average about 12.8 posts per week and have 218 subscribers to our RSS feed. We want to thank you for continuing to read and discuss the issues that we post.

As we enter our second year, we look forward to expanding our reach and finding new ways to talk about feminism around the world. To celebrate our blogiversary, we’ve decided to include a list of our top ten posts (by how many hits the post received). Click “read more” to read the full list. If you have other posts that you think deserve attention, list them in the comments!

Top Ten Posts on GAB, April 2009 – April 2010

10. The Strong City Cult – Starring Michael Travesser as the self acclaimed Messiah

9. Castration: Justice, or Nazi Revival?

8. Transgender Children

7. “Sex Not Specified”: Victory for Norrie May-Welby

6. Celebrating the Legends – From Michael Jackson to Benazir Bhutto

5. The Value of Rage

4. Women In Fear – The [Non?] Evolution of the Female Role in Horror Movies

3. “Marvel Divas”: Making Breast Cancer Sexy?

2. PART 1/3: Nicki Minaj and the Paradox of Hip Hop Feminism

1. Artemisia Gentileschi: Artist and Rape Survivor

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