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Queen Noor of Jordan Stands against Nuclear Weapons: Will You?

April 22, 2010
Queen Noor of Jordan at the Women's World Award 2009

Queen Noor of Jordan at the Women's World Award 2009, Image via Wikipedia

Queen Noor of Jordan, widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, has done remarkable work to improve cross-cultural understanding, human rights throughout the world. Since 1979, she has chaired the King Hussein Foundation which, according to its website, has focuses on regional issues in the Middle East such as

  • Providing access to innovative education and capacity building to pave the way to progress and human development.
  • Empowering disadvantaged individuals directly through loans, grants, and the establishment of income generation enterprises at the grassroots level to combat poverty and unemployment.
  • Enhancing sustainable community development and participatory decision-making in Jordan and the region.
  • Promoting cross-cultural understanding , tolerance and human rights in cooperation with regional and global institutions.
  • Conducting research and making policy recommendations in the fields of social and cultural development, with an emphasis on the well being of women and children.

The Noor Al Hussein Foundation runs programs to help disadvantaged women develop marketable skills and to help women councilors develop skills which will allow them to better serve their communities.

Noor Al Hussein has taken on numerous project to seek an end to conflicts and to help nations and people recover from war in the Balkans, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. One of her latest projects is to challenge the thinking that the best that can be hoped for with nuclear weapons is to prevent their spread. As co-leader of Global Zero, Queen Noor of Jordan has added her powerful voice to those calling for the abolition of nuclear weaponry. What is particularly significant about her call is that, as a recent AP article, she speaks the language not of idealism but of realism.

Many will react skeptically, in a black-and-white fashion, to what we’re saying, saying, `So, you want the United States to give up all its weapons like that?’ or, `You expect Russia to abandon its arsenals?

No. It takes time. It’s a step-by-step process and we have laid out the phases under which that needs to take place.

Those involved in developing this process include a former leaders of the U.S. Atlantic Command chief and the Russian strategic forces, as well as a retired Chinese military strategist.

Too often we assume that more “hawkish” positions are realistic by default. There is no logical reason for this assumption. By approaching disarmament in a highly practical way, Noor Al Hussein and Global Zero challenge such perceptions and thus may well have an effect not only on the world’s risk of nuclear annihilation but also on general approaches to war and conflict. If people believe that peace can be practical, they will be less likely to support wars. And, after all, isn’t a conflict-free world the end goal?

Please sign Global Zero’s declaration in support of the abolition of nuclear weaponry. The elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way to prevent their spread. As long as even one nation has nuclear arms, nations that fear or loathe that nation will want them too.
Global Zero :: Get Involved :: Sign the Declaration

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  1. August 9, 2010 12:37 am

    Nuclear weapons are an issue that concerns every single one of us, from a new born baby to yourself, so make your plea! And help free the world from nuclear weapons! It is your voice that speaks out for the world’s future!
    Go to:

    It won’t take you more than 1 min.


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