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April Comments of the Month

May 1, 2010
Cat at a computer, text: I can haz featured comment? Iz on catnip!

Commenter Cat writes construktive commentz.

Here are some of the comments and conversations we found particularly thought-provoking this month.

anonymama on To be feminist and fair; or the nuance of Bristol Palin:

I think the commercial is great. She’s not glamorizing teen motherhood, she’s not demonizing it or teen sexuality. Bristol Palin is saying that teen motherhood without money, resources, etc standing behind you is hard.

While we can debate the class notions of this, I think it’s important that someone with money is saying, “I’m a teen mom with money; don’t assume this is the normal experience.”

Raised working class, Hispanic feminist saying thank you to Bristol!

multilingualmania on The Impact of Twitter on Feminism: Its Facilitations & Limitations:

Do you speak other languages? Maybe that would help connect with feminists who are in other countries. My whole world was rocked wide open when I first started connecting with Mexican feminists. They spoke to me like no other feminists ever have before.

geekymummy on Is modern motherhood oppressive?:

Batinder is rather extreme, but a thought provoking voice nonetheless.

I think you have a great point about the changing roles of fathers.

I could not do what I do (work full time and parent two small children) without the support of my husband. My advice to a woman who wants to continue in her career after becoming a mother (I know not all do, but some of us genuinely want to have both a career and have children,) is to choose a father for your kids who believes wholeheartedly that a woman’s career is just as important as a mans career.

He packs their lunches and drops them at daycare, I pick them up and make their dinner.
We trade off staying home if they are sick. Divide and conquer is the rule in our house.

Interestingly people often say to me (admiringly) “I don’t know how you do it”, but they don’t say that to him. People still assume a working father of two has a wife taking care of everything. Perception needs to change.

There are also ongoing conversations on What does feminism mean for you? and A reader’s response to FAB blog debacle.

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