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Burning Cash to Draw Attention to the Gap: Sweden’s Feminist Initiative Party

July 8, 2010
Feminist Initiative (Sweden)
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Earlier this week, Sweden’s Feminist Initiative party made international headlines by burning 100,000 Swedish kronor (13,000 USD) to draw attention to the disparity between men’s and women’s wages. This gap is a global issue, and in Sweden women who work full time earn on average nineteen percent less than men who do the same, according to the national statistics agency. It’s a dramatic move in response to a dramatic problem which persists even as Sweden has improved in other areas of equality.

Equal pay is an obvious issue of basic fairness, but it is not the only issue which the Feminist Initiative is seeking to address. Their 2009 platform for the European Parliament elections consisted of the following points:

  • The right to abortion must be recognized as a human right.
  • Active efforts to achieve gender equality.
  • Expansion of pre-schools and child care in the entire Union
  • An end to sex slavery.
  • Gender equal representation within the whole EU organisation.
  • Focus on men’s violence against women.
  • Respect the right to asylum.
  • A secularised EU where church and state are entirely separate.
  • An end to the militarisation of the EU.
  • Gender conscious climate policies.

These points make a great starting point for addressing the problems facing women globally, particularly because many of them address intersectional issues, and it’s good to see a full-fledged political party taking them on.

It makes one wonder what the world would be like if every nation had its own feminist party. What about you? Do you think your country should have one? Why or why not?

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