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Global feminism by Roxanne Samer

July 9, 2010

This post is a part of the Global Feminism series, where each GAB editor is sharing her/his own definition of global feminism. What does global feminism mean to you? Discuss this definition and your own definition in the comments below, and join the GAB editorial board and fellow readers for a live chat discussion about global feminism on Monday, July 19 at 8pm CST.More info about the live chat here

In its most basic sense, global feminism means taking a broad approach to activism, journalism and other political practices. It means understanding that issues transcend borders and can easily become complexly intertwined with one another. Because of this, global feminists know that no issue—gender, race, sexuality, class, etc.—can be segmented off for isolated consideration but should be examined with the others in mind. The term implies, for me, a devotion to the causes and concerns of the world’s oppressed, primarily women but also extending out to any and all living under unjust circumstances instituted by hierarchical power structures based on difference.

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