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Global feminism by Jessica Mack

July 14, 2010

This post is a part of the Global Feminism series, where each GAB editor is sharing her/his own definition of global feminism. What does global feminism mean to you? Discuss this definition and your own definition in the comments below, and join the GAB editorial board and fellow readers for a live chat discussion about global feminism on Monday, July 19 at 8pm CST.More info about the live chat here

When I think about what global feminism means to me, many words run through my head: rights, hope, injustice, agency, resilience, devotion, power…

But at the Women Deliver conference in June, which I had the great honor of working very closely on, there was a presentation of pictures and music that has stayed in my head.  Each time I watch it, it brings me to tears because it touches on something perhaps greater than words, and portrays much of what the concept “global feminism means” to me.  It’s not an “all sisters unite” kind of simplicity, but it is deep-rooted connectedness that prevails despite vast differences in belief, experience, and dreams.  Global feminism is the glimpse of those roots that tie us together, despite so much that keeps us apart.  A virtuous circle, as they say.

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