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Abortion Access Around the World

July 26, 2010

A few weeks ago I posted about abortion access in Brazil, and  since then I have read several pieces about abortion access in other countries. Last week the New York Times published an article about abortion providers in the United States. (Lest anyone feels inclined to step up on an America-is-better pedestal, 87% of counties in the US have no abortion providers.) Women then shared more personal experiences of abortion access on AKIMBO.

On Friday, Jessica posted about six women jailed for homicide in Mexico for miscarrying or terminating pregnancies. In Spain, a new law recently went into effect allowing unrestricted abortions in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The law could technically still be suspended or challenged by the Constitutional Court, but this is not expected to happen. In New Zealand, MP Steve Chadwick has proposed a law to allow legal abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. The anti-choice opposition cry of “no abortions” has shifted to one of just “less abortions”, strongly weakening the sanctity of life argument. Meanwhile a new poll in Australia has shown that many Australians support late-term abortions in certain circumstances. Currently, abortion laws vary by jurisdiction, and a woman in Queensland is facing up to 7 years in jail if convicted of procuring an abortion.

Has anyone else read any relevant stories on abortion access in other countries?

  1. JEREMIAH MAINAH permalink
    July 26, 2010 7:29 am

    In Kenya the clergy want to vote NO in the coming Referndum on August 4th citing that the Abortion clause which states Abortion is not permitted unless in the opinion of trained health proffesional the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.
    They claim this would open up abortion by all n sundry

  2. Elee permalink
    July 26, 2010 6:54 pm

    No stories that I am aware of, but I googled a couple of links about abortion in Germany and was surprised myself that abortion actually illegal here, exceptions being medical and crime related reasons. But thankfully even though it is illegal, apparently it is also exempt from punishment. Well, at least in the first 12 weeks and after having had a counselling session at autorized centers (Pro Familia comes to mind, they have a pretty tight network and make a point to introduce themselves in highschool with counselling on contraception methods). The counseling has to be open and unbiased, so that a woman won’t be pressured into a decision, that is why it isn’t required that she tells her reasons for abortion, even though it makes a point of counseling moot. The sources weren’t very forthcoming about what would happen if the abortion were to be executed after the twelve weeks or without the counseling, but one site said, that women usually wouldn’t be prosecuted even in these cases. (, sorry, the text is only in german).

  3. August 9, 2010 4:08 am

    In Ireland, abortion is criminalised in all circumstances except when the woman’s life is at risk. There are no guidelines f or doctors to determine when a woman’s life might reasonably considered at risk and so most women seeking abortion services are advised to travel to England to access safe and legal services. Since 1980, more than 142,060 Irish women have travelled to England to access safe abortion services.

    Three women are currently challenging the Irish position on abortion in the European Court of Human Rights (ABC v Ireland). The outcome of this case is important not only for Ireland but for all members states of the Council of Europe. A decision on the case is expected any time in the next twelve months.


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