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Global Feminist Link Love: July 26-August 1

August 2, 2010

Hey Global Feminists!

Here are a list of links about what other global feminists were up to this past week. We also want to know: What have you been reading/writing this week? Don’t forget to spread your own link love in the comments!




Latin America

Middle East

Northern America


  • My feminist agenda. What’s yours? (Musings of an Inappropriate Woman)
  • Dear Lane Bryant (Fat Heffalump) “I am a fat woman.  I am a very fat woman in fact.  But I am a very fat woman with plenty of money to spend on clothes and accessories. However, I am not ashamed of my fat.”


  • New blog I love: My Fault, I’m Female “a blog that shares stories of women who’ve been made to feel it’s their fault that they are female at work, at home, or wherever. Basically it’s FML, but with sexist bosses, stone age attitudes, pay gap stories, and plenty of ranting.”

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