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Abigail Colodner
Amelia DeMarco
Brook Elliott-Buettner

Alison Hamm
Jia Jung
Tatiana McKinney
Maria Khan

Erin Rickard
Alicia Simoni
Elizabeth Switaj

Erin Bougie

Erin Bougie was born and raised 15 minutes from the Canadian border in Maine. Wanting to do more than farm potatoes like the rest of her town, she went to Bates College, majoring in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Psychology. At Bates, she was a year-round athlete participating on the cross-country running, Nordic skiing, and track and field teams. After graduating in 2007, she biked from New Haven, CT to Portland, OR for the Habitat Bike Challenge with 30 other college students raising money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

Wanting to pursue her passion of sports and women’s rights, Erin worked at the Women’s Sports FoundationMid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, an education based non-profit. Erin also volunteers for NARAL-VA, RAINN, and WACDTF. educating female athletes and coaches on their rights under Title IX. Currently, she lives in Arlington, VA working for the

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Abigail Colodner

Abigail B. Colodner is a recent graduate of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, where she concentrated in Arts and Policy and studied policy areas such as education, global health, the environment, and women’s advocacy. She has lately developed an inability not to point out gendered discrepancies in media and reporting, despite the protests of movie-watching partners. The arts have always been central in her interests. She has studied the history of visual and performing arts and was a writer/editor of The Michigan Daily’s Fine Arts section throughout college. Her fascination with writing analytically about the performing arts began in high school, when she participated in two years of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Young Critics Institute. It has been her great luck to spend extended time in cities with cultures that encourage and support live performance – as a teen in New York City, during college in Ann Arbor, MI, and during four-month stays in Prague and in Washington, DC. In DC, she worked as the editorial assistant to the Publishing Office at the Library of Congress, where she researched and wrote biographies of accomplished women for “Women Who Dare.” She is currently living and working in Portsmouth, NH and can be reached at

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Amelia DeMarco

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Amelia DeMarco works as a research and policy analyst and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration. Before moving to Halifax, Amelia studied psychology at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and spent a year living and studying in the UK. She has worked as a health researcher and volunteered with the maternal and child health committee of her local community health board. Amelia currently volunteers with a community-based organization that provides safe housing, services and support to homeless and transient women and their children.

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Brook Elliott-Buettner

Brook Elliott-Buettner is a social justice worker based in New York City working with international human rights NGOs on a project-by-project basis. She researches and writes on international public policy and human rights, especially related to reproductive justice. Before New York she was in Mexico City and she loves both cities with a passion. But don’t be fooled; she was born in Alaska and can build a fire and drive a skiff. Brook also is a social wage activist and organizer for Oxfam America‘s climate change adaptation campaign. You can find her work at

Brook writes the monthly Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Situation Report column. Click here to view all of Brook’s articles for GAB.

Alison Hamm

Alison Hamm, one of the original founders of GAB, grew up in a small town in Indiana, and then escaped to Bloomington, Indiana, where she studied English and journalism at Indiana University. After graduating, she worked for IU as a content specialist at the IU Office of Creative Services and spent her free time freelancing for The Bloomington Alternative, a biweekly journal dedicated to progressive social change and independent media.

Last summer, she decided it was time for a change, so she packed her books and her two cats, and went where no Hamm had gone before: to Chicago. Now, she’s anxiously waiting for President Obama to fix the economy so she can get paid to write and edit again, and almost as importantly, so she can finance her reunion trip to London with her friends from her semester abroad. Until then, Alison is waiting tables, exploring Chicago, job searching her ass off, and ranting and raving about it all on her blog.

Alison’s true loves are good music and good writing, so you’ll find stacks of Paste and Bitch magazine on her coffee table at all times. She’ll also gladly go to any bar in Chicago with Hamm’s beer on special, though she’ll probably switch to Stella after one can of Hamm’s.

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Jia Jung

Jia H. Jung was born and raised in New England, and is not afraid to tell people she is from Andover rather from “Boston.” At UC Berkeley, she dumped her pre-med plans for a B.A. in Philosophy and work with The Daily Californianthe Marshall Islands , an English instructor in South Korea, a non-profit developer for the Asian American Civic Association, and an environmental researcher for an NGO in India, where she traveled extensively. which allowed her to review 30 concerts in one summer. Since her newspaper days, she has been a volunteer teacher in

She recently earned a Master’s in Pacific and International Affairs from the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies in UC San Diego, and is working towards a foreign service career with the U.S. State Department. In other words, she is unemployed and enjoying a last summer of sorts in her hometown of Andover. She is a big fan of open water swimming, live music, camping, used bookstores, and DIY projects of all kinds. Whatever the future has in store, she is thrilled to be writing again for an awesome site.

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Tatiana McKinney

Tatiana McKinney graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in communications and double minors in Spanish and leadership and public service. She was a 2008 Sue Shear Fellow with the thirty-five other outstanding women were engaged in a week-long leadership development program designed to stimulate interest in public policy formation.

While in college, Tatiana served on the Young Women of Color Leadership Council and worked as a civic leaders intern for Rep. Martin T. Rucker (D-MO) with the Minority Black Caucus. She was awarded the Delta Sigma Theta’s Thriving 22, the NAACP Dr. Medgar Evers Student Political Award, the Diversity Award and Scholarship, the TrioCats Scholarship, and A Way With Words and Numbers Tutor Scholarship.

During college she studied abroad at the Universidad de Oviedo in Oviedo, Espana. She was able to meet new people, stay with an amazing family, and hone her “awesome spanish” skills.

Tatiana also interned for NBC-Telemundo Chicago, Women’s Sports Foundation GoGirlGo! Chicago, Urban Magazine, Live! Magazine, and Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom.

She considers herself an advocate, activist, and adviser for the reproductive justice movement. Tatiana believes that she promotes change by being a leader in her community and advocating for things she’s passionate about.

Tatiana McKinney is currently a Student Chapters Fellow with the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. She contributes to numerous blogs such as: EverydayCitizen, Advocates for Youth, and RHRealityCheck. She currently resides in Washington, DC.

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Maria Khan

Maria is one of the original founders of Gender Across Borders. Born two days before Christmas; Maria Khan was bound to inherit the magical spirit in the air, which has been the driving force behind her pursuit for knowledge spread over three continents. Maria was raised in the United Arab Emirates, educated in Canada and the United Kingdom and is currently residing in the United States. She holds a graduate degree in International Relations from the University of Warwick in UK and her research interests include, Human Trafficking, Human Security in Wars & Prisons, Individual vs. State Justice, and her core passion lies in the topic of her dissertation; ‘Women’s Rights in Islamic States: The Relationship between Religion and Politics’.

Over the years, Maria has been actively involved with several non-profit organizations like, the National Academy of the Gifted & Talented Youth (NAGTY), Erinoak; an organization supporting children with physical, developmental and communication disabilities, UNHCR, ICMC, Medecins Sans Frontieres and most recently the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. At the ICMC; which is joint voluntary agency involved in the resettlement of refugees in the US, she contributed by writing papers on the Internal Developments inside Afghanistan and another on the Trafficking of Women and Children.

In the summer of ’07, Maria also participated in the Summer school on the Conceptualization of Forced Migration -Refugees & Asylum seekers held at the University of Oxford, where she was further exposed to the skills of probing into the veracity of a refugee claim.

Most recently, Maria has been working on the Measles Campaign in the International Services at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, along with the ‘Exploring Humanitarian Law’ program, International Tracing and ‘International Humanitarian Law’ outreach. Her passion for international issues was integral in the Measles Campaign fundraiser; held in the last term of 2008, which helped to secure over $3,500 that went directly towards vaccinating children in India.

On a separate note; Maria has a passion for oil painting, traveling, photography and has recently taken up violin; to complement her husband’s piano skills. She has two Cats and firmly believes, there’s no such thing as too many cats.

Her passion for writing and photojournalism has driven her back to school and she is currently pursuing a second graduate degree in Journalism at the DePaul University.

She is the Founder/Editor of the The Human Postcard, Middle East editor at BreakingTweets and the Humanitarian Issues Examiner on

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Erin Rickard

Erin RErin Rickard hails from northern Virginia. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish. While in college, her love of print and online media shaped her pursuit of feminist activism. She first became involved in campus activism during her junior year, when she joined the club Feminism is for Everyone and served on the Take Back the Night planning committee. During her senior year, Erin served as managing editor of S|He Said, a zine produced by Feminism is for Everyone, and interned with the magazine Iris published by the UVa Women’s Center. Her college experience also included a summer abroad in Ireland exploring the country’s beautiful landscapes and literature. After graduation, Erin interned with the Feminist Majority Foundation in Arlington, Virginia, where one of her main tasks was writing and editing news. She is currently working in the communications field in Washington, D.C.

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Alicia Simoni

Alicia Simoni has spent much of the past decade as a practitioner, scholar, and activist promoting peace and gender equality in the United States and internationally. As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, she developed an insatiable curiosity about gender, peace and conflict. After graduating and spending several months working for the School for International Training in Northern Ireland, Alicia returned to Washington, DC to begin working at Women for Women International. Throughout the five years she spent at the organization, which included several months in Afghanistan, Alicia was inspired on a daily basis by women in the midst of violent conflict encouraging one another to challenge the status quo.

In 2007 Alicia completed her M.A in International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. During her graduate studies, she spent six months in Uganda working for The AIDS Support Organization and researching the role of masculinity in peacebuilding. Alicia went on to become a Peace Writer at the Institute for Peace and Justice in San Diego where she documented the life story of Zandile Nhlengetwa, a survivor of apartheid and post-apartheid political violence in South Africa (you can read about the incredible peacebuilding work Zandile does here).

Currently, Alicia lives in Washington, DC where she works for Peace X Peace, a non-profit organization dedicated to building cultures of peace by raising women’s voices.

Click here to view all of Alicia’s articles on GAB.

Elizabeth Switaj

Elizabeth SwitajBorn on a rainy day in Seattle, Elizabeth Switaj grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She is one of the founding members of Gender Across Borders. As an undergraduate at The Evergreen State College, she was an active member of the Women’s Resource Center. In 2001, she moved to San Francisco to attend the New College of California Poetics program. While there, her activism centered around anti-war activities. Since completing her MFA in 2004, she has taught EFL in Japan and China. Her travels have also taken her to locations throughout Southeast Asia and Europe. She has also taught English to adult immigrants and expats in Brooklyn and (currently) Seattle. She often thinks she learns more from her students than they learn from her.

Elizabeth is the author of Magdalene & the Mermaids (Paper Kite Press), Shanghai (has more capital (Gold Wake Press), and The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems (Ypolita Press). She has also presented papers on subjects ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to James Joyce and has written reviews for Galatea Resurrects, Experimental Fiction & Poetry, and Mad Hatter’s Review.

When not writing, she takes photographs and sings contralto. Her favorite whiskey is Jameson and her favorite wines come from Cocoromi Gakuen. Currently, she is writing a doctoral thesis on James Joyce at Queen’s University Belfast.

For more information, or to contact Elizabeth, please visit her author site or follow her on Twitter.

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