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Kyle Bachan, Senior Editor

Kyle Bachan was born and raised just outside of Toronto, Canada. After a stint at Ryerson University’s broadcasting school, he moved to Wales, UK to complete his degree in Math and Film. Besides being an active member in groups like Amnesty International, he thoroughly enjoys participating in guerilla gardening and protect-public-space groups. When he is not drive-by seed bombing vacant lots, he is writing about global issues. He is currently finishing his dissertation entitled ‘Rape as a plot device in popular culture’ and has generally been focusing on and exploring this subject in all aspects of art. He aspires to be a novelist/journalist and lists Naomi Klein and Michael Chabon among his favorite influences. Besides writing, he enjoys hiking, biking, podcasting, acting, swing dancing, filmmaking and campaigning in general.

Since moving to the UK, he has become somewhat of a theatre junkie (there was a certain vibe missing in Toronto, though he misses Queen St W.), and hopes he can bring a new perspective to Gender Across Borders.

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